Sporting Clays

Sporting Clays are Open!

Open to the public 7 days a week.

There is no better way to practice for the field than shooting on our sporting clays course. Milford Hills is proud to offer two sporting clay courses (both 12-station courses) that run from May through October 31st. And from November 1st through November 20th, 2022, just one 8 station clays course is still available to hone up on your skills.  All sporting clays will be closed for the winter on November 21, 2022.

In addition to our sporting clays course, Milford Hills also features a Five Stand deck. Our Five Stand consists of five shooting stations that are bordered by six traps. Each shooting station consists of a different combination of a single presentation and two report pair presentations. Shooting the full course on our Five Stand results in 25 different shots, and is a great way to increase shot versatility in the field.

*Qualified professional instruction is a vital part of the Milford Hills shooting experience. We offer year round instruction for rifle, pistol, and shotgun by appointment. 



Sporting Clays:      $0.32 per Clay plus tax


Sporting Clays:      $0.35 per Clay plus tax

Cart Rental:      $20 for 12 stations
                            $30 for 24 stations


Sporting Clays Instruction:

$80/hour for one person; $60/hour each for two people; $40/hour each for three or more (plus tax)

Pricing for instruction does not include firearm rentals, ammunition, or cost of clay targets thrown.

*Rates subject to change without notice

Interested in bringing a large group to shoot sporting clays with us? Please fill out our contact us form to schedule a date.



Join us for our Registered Sporting Clay Shoots! Our unique, competitive course includes two 100 bird registered targets, a registered 50 bird 5-stand and uses a Lewis Class Payout for 5-stand. 



Fall Hours of Operation as of October 1, 2022:

*Subject to change. To view closures, see our Event Calendar